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Huon Pine

BOTANICAL NAME: Dacrydium franklinfl

OTHER COMMON NAMES: White Pine, Macquarie Pine.

TREE DESCRIPTION: Huon Pine is a medium to tall softwood, which grows only in the cool temperate high rainfall areas of South Western Tasmania. It is one of Australia’s longest lived species. The tree occasionally reaches heights of up to 38m (125ft) and 1.9m (6ft) in diameter. Normally, it is less than 20m tall.

COLOUR: The sapwood is pale, very narrow and is not easily distinguishable from the heartwood, which is light cream to yellowish brown in colour.

GRAIN AND TEXTURE: It is usually straight grained, with fine growth rings closely spaced, giving it a very fine and even texture. Sometimes, it exhibits a beautiful birds eye figure. (The most valuable figure is acquired from full burl or near burl.)

Huon Pine Timber

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