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BOTANICAL NAME: Micoberlinia brazzavillensis and M bisulcata

OTHER COMMON NAMES: Zebrawood, Zingana and African Zebrawood.

TREE DESCRIPTION: Zebrano is a large hardwood of West Africa. The wood is derived from two species of trees which grow mainly around Camaroon and Gaboon and is usually supplied in billets and logs up to I m (3ft) in diameter.

COLOUR: The heartwood has a background colour of straw to pale brown with irregular streaks of dark brown or almost black giving the wood a decorative appearance. The sapwood is pale and relatively featureless compared to the heartwood.

GRAIN AND TEXTURE: The grain which is usually interlocked can be somewhat variable. The texture is coarse and uneven. The appearance of the wood varies according to the log and the way the wood is cut.

Zebrano Timber

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