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BOTANICAL NAME: Eucalyptus marginata

TREE DESCRIPTION: Jarrah is a large hardwood growing in the South West corner of Western Australia. It can reach heights of up to 40m (132ft) and diameters of up to 2m (6ft). Due to its height and clear straight trunk, it can yield long lengths of straight, large section timber. It is a non rainforest species.

COLOUR: The heartwood is a uniform pink to dark reddish brown. The sapwood is very narrow in older trees, clearly distinguishable from the heartwood, and usually pale yellow in colour.

GRAIN AND TEXTURE: The grain is straight and often slightly interlocked, producing wood with a moderate fiddleback figure. The straight grained material has a rather plain appearance. Growth rings are not prominent. The texture is moderately coarse and even.

Jarrah Timber

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